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About Kristina Linkem

It's nice to have a little information to get to know someone that you're considering doing business with.  A real estate transaction isn't simple, it's a relationship, and to me relationships matter the most.

My experience in began in 1992, freshly graduated from high school, working as the front office receptionist secretary at Uniland Investment Inc.  Uniland was the largest land real estate company in Washington, started in 1971.  Moving up to office manager, then transaction coordinator for over 40 agents and two company divisions; and eventually added bookkeeping to my repertoire.  As a mother of three children, I waited until time was right for my family to get my license, and in March of 2019, I began my journey in an already fast and hot market. 

I cut my teeth on land and land development, and find that niche in the market to be most fascinating and a key focal point of my career.  I also crave to assist first-time buyers in real estate investing -- maybe it's my motherly instincts that drive that. 

Happily married to my high school sweetheart for 26 years, and in what some call spare time, raise a small herd of beef cattle on a family farm in the Orting Valley. 

I look forward to meeting you and creating a lasting relationship.